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TOWN HALL: The term mayor has three broad meanings, according to what the Royal Spanish Academy (RAE) reports in its dictionary. This may be the role of the mayor, the region over which he has responsibilities and powers, or the building where he carries out his work. SCOPE: The scope is the ability to cover a distance or achieve something (get to get together with someone or something in front, or actually touching or hitting). For example: "The range of the missile is 750 kilometers", "This radio has a short range and does not go beyond the avenue". SAPWOOD: In order to discover the meaning of the term sapwood, the first thing we have to do is know its etymological origin. In this case, we can underline that it is a word that derives from the Latin, specifically from "sapwood", which means "very white".
MAYOR: The notion of mayor is used with reference to the position held by the highest authority of a municipality or town hall. The mayor is thus the highest-ranking public official in a municipal administration. LAGOON: Albufera's etymology takes us to the Greek language. The concept refers to a lagoon that is located on a coastline and that presents salty or brackish water. JOY: In classical Arabic, the term burūz is used to refer to the arrest that the military made before an expedition. This word passed to the Hispanic Arabic as albur˙z and then to our language as joy.
HOSTEL: The notion of hostel refers, in its broadest sense, to the space that provides hostel, shelter or asylum to animals or human beings. From this meaning, it is possible to differentiate between multiple types of hostels. FUSS: Ruckus comes from stirring up a verb that refers to the action unsettle, disturb, annoy, confuse or alter. An uproar, therefore, can be a disorder, riot, or revolt. FTAA: FTAA is an acronym that corresponds to the Free Trade Area of ​​the Americas, a project that was born with the purpose of expanding the North American Free Trade Agreement to include other American countries, with the exception of Cuba.


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